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I have received more awards :o

Certificate for honorable mention in fin art

Well this is starting to get embarrassing. Not because i have received more awards, that is awesome and i am very humbled!

As i said in my last honourable mention blog post which was the second time i had found out way after the fact that i had been awarded, that i was going to try and search up the other contests i entered in 2019 to see if there was anything else i have missed.

So i found out that another competition i had entered was the Chromatic awards. On the 22nd of December 2019, almost 8 months ago i have received 2 Honourable Mentions. One for each of my entries. WOW....

A Honourable Mention in Fine Art for "Modern oil painting" (the picture at the top)and one Honourable Mention in Nature for "Stunning beam of silence" (the picture below)

It is just amazing to me that i have done so well in these competitions and i am so proud and honoured to have received them. I am very disappointed in myself that i have not noted the competitions and followed up on then, or checked my email properly so i could have known as soon as i was awarded them and not 2, 8 and 13 months later. Uff, silly me! Lesson learnt.

I think i entered some more competitions so i will keep looking.

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