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Honourable mention Monovisions awards

I seriously need to start checking my junk mail folder better!

I remember entering a bunch of competitions last year, proud that i was really going out of my comfort sone and putting myself out there. I just can't remember the names of all of one ones i entered. *Note to self: Make a list next time!

So as it turns out i have received another honourable mention, this time for the above photo in the Monovisions awards. In July 28th.. last year mind you... A whole year has gone by without me knowing. What a ninny i am! :O

This is the same photo that was featured in the Lensational magazine earlier this year.

Even though i am finding out a year later i am still very proud <3

For me it's huge receiving an honourable mention when there is so much amazing talent out there.

My next mission...dig through my emails and try and find out what else i entered.

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